Ask "How do these clients use specific words in this initiative?" Or “What words would be politically incorrect - that is, function as lightning rods in this situation? Why?"

When thinking about the language you use, consider words such as strategic, goal, objective, issue, customer, client, and consumer. Is there a lexicon available (or can you develop one) for this subject area that all stakeholders would agree to use? The words you use can make a big difference to the tone and productivity of a process because perspectives are intertwined with language, the #1 tool in process design and facilitation. Learn and use language that reflects the realities of your clients and stakeholders.

Check out Process Design: Making it Work: Chapter 3, “The Perspectives Factor in Process Design”, p 52


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Process Design:
Making It Work

"I have finally found a wonderful reference book that captures all the little pieces of the puzzle that must come together for an effective process design. If only I had this book fifteen years ago, it would have saved light years of learning!"

Kristin J. Arnold, president, Quality Process Consultants Inc.

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