The Strachan-Tomlinson partnership has been working collaboratively with clients for 35 years. We are a Canadian process consulting firm with two principals—Paul Tomlinson and Dorothy Strachan—and several long-term associates. We pride ourselves on the exceptional services we provide to clients in two areas:

Service 1: Process Design and Facilitation

  • We design and facilitate organization and team development processes such as strategic planning, issue analysis and action, decision-making, consensus building, policy development and team building. We also custom design questionnaires, interview protocols and surveys to support our work in process design and facilitation and in our writing.
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Service 2: Training and Development in Process Design and Facilitation

  • We create and deliver customized workshops and coaching processes for managers, leaders, coaches, professional facilitators and consultants on how to facilitate, design and manage meetings, workshops and other facilitated events. Our books and handbooks are the conceptual core for these events.
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