Success Stories

Success Story 1
International Stakeholders’ Congress

  • When a national cancer organization wanted to convene an International stakeholders’ congress on cancer control they asked ST to design and facilitate this three day meeting. 300 participants from fifty-seven countries engaged in this dynamic, learning-centred event. What participants said in the evaluation: “great information”, “achieved our objectives”. “healthy discussion”, “inclusive approach”, “challenging and informative”, “entertaining”, “action-oriented”, “diverse viewpoints”, “fully engaged”.
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Success Story 2
Regional Account Planning: High Tech Corporation

  • Based on a collaborative client-centred approach and a needs assessment with account managers, ST facilitated account planning sessions with six accounts in a division and then scaled up the process to a global account planning session with country vice-presidents. The result was a linked and standardized account planning process driven by company-wide metaphors and outcomes.
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Success Story 3
Training researchers and managers in process design and facilitation

  • A national research think tank contracted ST to train its researchers and managers in how to design and facilitate meaningful meetings and workshops with customers. The intent was to enable customers to extend new research results into focused conversations and dynamic applications. The result? “I want to let you know that this session with Dorothy has been fabulous for me – particularly given the timing. The tools and techniques presented, as well as the chance to apply them to a real live case, were really helpful. Not to mention - learning from the experiences of colleagues was also very helpful.”
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Success Story 4
Tri-Board integration while maintaining distinct identity

  • ST designed and facilitated a process through which three distinct, faith-based non-profit boards in a region could speak with one strong and clear voice to a non-government regional authority charged with service oversight, monitoring and surveillance. The outcome was enhanced mutual understanding and support among the boards and increased influence on regional decision-making through an integrated advocacy strategy.
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Success Story 5
Public Service Training and Development in Facilitation and Process Design

  • When the Ontario Public Service wanted training and development programs to support their managers in developing basic and advanced facilitation skills, Strachan-Tomlinson worked with Pitters and Associates to design and facilitate courses to do just that. “Making Questions Work” is one of the textbooks for these courses. “If you design and facilitate workshops and meetings, you need this book in your library. Whether you are a workshop facilitator or facilitative leader, Dorothy Strachan’s knowledge, experience, and insights will improve your meeting designs and save you time.” (Brian Benn, regional manager, Centre for Leadership and Learning, Province of Ontario, Canada)
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Success Story 6
International Association of Facilitators’ Annual Conference

  • At the International Association of Facilitators’ Annual Conference, participants have enjoyed and benefited from workshops on questions facilitated by Dorothy Strachan. Here is what one participant says about her experience: “The ability to ask questions effectively is critical for me as a professional facilitator. I am thrilled to have a handbook that puts the emphasis on something so important to both my work and personal life. Thank you, Dorothy Strachan, for this terrific resource!” (Carol Lauder, grant project manager, Texas Comptroller’s Office)
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